Opening Hours for the Festive Season

Opening Hours for the Festive Season

Created: 12/12/2018  -  Last Modified: 12/12/2018 at 13:17

Qudos Insurance A/S Announcement

Qudos Insurance A/S have informed us that following a comprehensive review by its owner, New Nordic, the decision has been made to place Qudos permanently into run-off and to liquidate the remaining assets.

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Change to Patrona Flexi-Van Insurance Underwriting Structure

Change to Patrona Flexi-Van Insurance Underwriting Structure

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Single Vehicle Courier

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Seasons Greetings from Patrona

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Expansion of the Patrona Commercial Insurance

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How to avoid under insuring your Home

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FlexiCar Change of Insurer

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Alwyn Rating News

Patrona Underwriting Limited announces that capacity provider Alwyn Insurance Company Limited has been assigned a financial strength of A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best

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Alwyn Annoucement - Management


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Driving of Other Commercial

Sean McGrath (CIP) is a Development Underwriter at Patrona Underwriting Limited (Patrona) with responsibility for the Commercial Vehicle (Flexi-Van) product. Sean worked in the broker market from 2007 in both Personal Lines and Haulage departments before assuming the role of Lead Commercial Van Underwriter with Patrona.

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Equine Liability

Brendan Ryan, BA, CIP is Development Underwriter at Patrona Underwriting Limited with responsibility for the Equine portfolio along with other portfolios within the Commercial Business unit at Patrona.

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Important notice to Intermediaries

Patrona understands the uniqueness of the Irish general insurance market and our business model is based on providing alternative capacity to insurance partners and policy holders. Qudos Insurance A/S operates a pan European MGA driven model and has been a significant partner for us...

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Broker Audit Results March 2016

We have now completed our first round of Broker New Business Audits which represents over 50% of our Flexi-Car and Flexi-Van policies. We would like to share with you, our partners, the most common causes of issues discovered through the audit process to date.

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Patrona leads the way with Best Personal Lines Service

Patrona leads the way with Best Personal Lines Service

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Insurance Update: Extension to Compulsory Motor Insurance

Insurance Update: Extension to Compulsory Motor Insurance. Click here to find out more..

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Flexi-Home Product Release October 2014

We have just released our new Flexi-Home home insurance product in partnership with Qudos Insurance A/S. The product consists of 5 different policy types – 5 Star (Owner Occupied/Family Use Holiday Home) through to our 1 Star (Tenant, Contents Only).

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Changes to Flexi Car and Flexi Van 1st August 2014

Changes to Driving of Other Cars - Flexi Car only. Irish Learner Permit removed from Open Drive wording.

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MTA Functionality for Relay Private Motor Live In June Release

Notice that MTA Functionality for Relay Private Motor Live In June Release. This will enable brokers to perform mid-term adjustments at their convenience, and keep these policies Full Cycle EDI.

Created: 30/04/2014  -  Last Modified: 30/04/2014 at 12:31

7 Day Retro Active Date Facility on ComQuote

Notice of the Retro Active Date Facility added to ComQuote to assist brokers with administration burden.

Created: 29/04/2014  -  Last Modified: 30/04/2014 at 09:18

Bug Fix for ComQuote

Notice of the Fix for for bug on ComQuote

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Patrona Flexi-Van May Rate Change

Notice to rate changes for Flexi-Van Policy

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Transparency and Security for Agents and Policy Holders

Our agents and customers sometimes ask what is the strength and security of the products we provide. Click here to find out more..

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Patrona to launch Flexi Van FC EDI on ComQuote

Patrona will be launching our Flexi Van product on ComQuote in October

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Patrona Launch Flexi Car FC EDI on Open GI Network

At Patrona, we are delighted to announce that our Flexi Car Private Motor Scheme has now launched on the Open GI network.

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